The TEP Solar Trailer

If you’re curious about solar energy and how it produces power for your home, be sure to check out TEP’s solar trailer during the annual Tucson Earth Day Festival at the Children’s Museum Tucson and Armory Park  on Saturday, April 20.

You can see firsthand how solar panels use energy from the sun to create electricity and power electronics.

TEP is the major sponsor of this year’s festival, and we roll out the trailer for events like these to educate customers about renewable energy and our efforts to develop a cleaner, greener grid with solar and wind energy.

Here are five fun facts about our solar trailer:

  1. The original solar trailer was built 20 years ago, but was redesigned in 2014 with new and cool features to demonstrate solar power.
  2. The trailer folds out to 25 by 14 feet and is equipped with flat-panel TV screens and other accessories.
  3. The trailer’s battery bank stores about 25 kilowatt-hours of energy, about the same amount of energy an average home uses daily.
  4. Energy generated by the solar panels is often used to play music at community events.

The trailer has a built-in electric grill. Rare, medium or well done, anyone?