UASTP Amonix

Solar System  |  Tucson, AZ

AMONIX is a 2-megawatt photovoltaic (PV) system designed and built by Amonix, Inc., and installed at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park (UASTP). Amonix will sell its output to TEP through a 20-year purchase power agreement.

TEP customers can purchase solar power through Bright Tucson Community Solar, a TEP program that allows customers to reduce their
conventional energy usage.

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System Details

System Details
System Type Amonix CPV – 34 dual-axis trackers
Location UA Tech Park
In Service 3/31/11
Capacity 2.0 MW DC
Modules 252 Amonix, Inc. modules
Inverters 34 - Solectra 59 kW
Est. Yearly Energy Output 3,500 MWh AC
Est. Yearly Emissions Saved (CO2) 7,700,000 lbs.
Est. Cars off the road for 1 year 802
Est. Gallons of water saved per year 2,625,000