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TEP e-bill is a convenient, free service that enables you to securely receive your TEP bill online – saving you time and simplifying your life.

Join other TEP customers making green choices that help the environment by saving over a million pages per year with paperless statements.

TEP paperless statements are more secure than paper bills sitting in mail boxes. What's more, TEP e-bill is a comprehensive service that extends your options, such as having a summary of your e-bill sent directly to your e-mail.

The paperless bill looks like the paper version and interactive links are provided to the TEP website so that you receive the same communications as offline customers.

With TEP e-bill, you can:

  • View your bill online
  • Archive 24 months of your billing
  • Receive an e-mail when your bill is ready to view
  • Pay my bill

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TEP e-bill is a convenient, free service that enables you to securely receive, view and pay your TEP bill online.

Once enrolled in TEP e-bill your bills are delivered online, with notification via email. The bill looks like the familiar paper version, and links are provided to our website so that you receive all of the same communications as offline customers, but in a digital format. You can view and pay your bill online anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You decide when and how to pay, and which bank or savings account you want your payment to be deducted from.

My Account provides secure, free access to your account information and related services, such as TEP e-bill. Security is the key. Your information is kept private and encrypted. By using a login and password, only you have access to that information, and only you can make changes.

TEP e-bill is powered by Kubra, a leader in online billing. TEP e-bill and Kubra have strict privacy policies and use the industry standard in security protection.

When you log in to TEP e-bill from the home page, your e-mail address and password are transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts your personal information before it leaves your computer, ensuring that no one else can read it.

TEP e-bill is powered by Kubra, a leader in online billing. TEP e-bill and Kubra have strict privacy policies and use the industry standard in security protection.

Your email address and password protect the confidentiality of your account and enable us to verify your identity. To maintain the security and privacy of your account, choose a password that others can't guess but is easy for you to remember. Your password must be between 6 and 8 characters.

The first step is to access your account using My Account. During the enrollment process, you'll enter information about your account. You will need to refer to a current bill to register. Then with a few more clicks, you'll be ready to pay your bill online.

Enroll by clicking here. To make signing up easier, have the following information available:

  • A recent bill showing your account number and billing address
  • Bank account number from which your payments will be deducted
  • Bank routing number (we'll show you how to find this number on your checks)
  • Valid email address*

After you enroll in TEP e-bill, you will receive an email with a link when your bill is ready to view and pay online.

We'll store your TEP billing and payment records in one paperless, convenient e-file, beginning with the month you make your first payment using TEP e-bill. After two years of using TEP e-bill, 24 months of your payment records will be in your online account, which you can access anytime, anywhere. Additionally, My Account displays your most recent 12 months of bills and power usage.

After enrolling in TEP e-bill, your bills are delivered online, with notification via email. In some cases, you will receive one more paper bill in the mail before being switched to e-billing exclusively. Every month, you'll receive an email notification with the necessary link when your current e-bill is available for viewing and paying online. Your bill notification will be sent to the email address that you used to register with My Account. Be sure to update your email address by clicking the email link on the Account Information page of My Account if you switch your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

When you file e-bills they are removed from your active e-bills list. To retrieve filed e-bills, log into My Account and navigate to the Billing & Payment tab located at the top of My Account. Within the Billing & Payment section, navigate to the left-side section links and click on Filed Bills.

Your first e-bill will be the TEP statement for the current billing cycle. Depending on when you sent your payment in the mail, your first e-bill statement may not reflect this payment. If you have already paid the bill for the current month, click the file button to have your e-bill stored in your e-file. You will receive an email notification when your next bill is ready to view and pay online.

With TEP e-bill, you can make payments from any type of bank account, such as a checking or savings account. If you wish to pay your TEP bill by credit card, you may do so through our third-party processing site or by calling 1-800-650-9138. The processing company will charge you a fee for this service. Only TEP e-bill provides free payment services – credit card payments incur a convenience fee.

Credit card payments are processed by a third-party vendor that charges a convenience fee on each transaction. TEP does not receive any portion of the fee charged for credit card payments. Credit card payments are a separate service from TEP e-bill, which allows you to pay your monthly bill electronically using your checking or savings account, free of charge.

Please allow at least two business days for your payment to be credited to your account.

Yes, you have the option to sign up to receive your TEP bill online but continue to pay by Auto Pay. By registering with My Account, you can choose to add the convenience of receiving and viewing your bill online with TEP e-bill. You will no longer receive a paper TEP bill in the mail. Instead, you'll receive an email notification with the bill amount and date your payment will be deducted from your bank account. The email notification will also provide a link to view your entire e-bill at There is no need to pay online as this will result in duplicate payments.

A summary of your account information is available through My Account. Registering for My Account allows you to log in to a secure area and view up-to-date information about your account. To view an online version of your printed bill, you will need to enroll in TEP e-bill, which allows you to receive, view and pay your bill electronically. If you enroll in TEP e-bill, you will no longer receive a printed bill in the mail.