Widespread Storm Damage Restoration Efforts Expected to Continue Through the Weekend

TEP crews are working as quickly as possible to repair power lines following a violent storm Friday night that caused widespread damage across the community, uprooting trees and damaging or toppling more than 40 poles.

At the height of the storm, more than 56,000 customers were out of power. Multiple crews worked through the night, restoring power to about 40,000 customers.

With about 1,400 customers still out of power, crews are working through more than 900 active jobs, with more expected as additional damage is identified.

At a minimum, repair work is expected to continue through the weekend, including hot daytime temperatures when customers' energy use is typically highest.

Our grid in several areas of town was temporarily reconfigured to restore service to some customers while repairs are underway, so conserving energy will help ensure that operational circuits are not overloaded by the additional usage.

Until repairs are made, TEP is asking customers who have power to conserve energy, particularly this afternoon and early evening when energy use is highest, to help limit strain on affected circuits.

We take our responsibility for managing local energy supply very seriously and we know our customers are depending on us.

Restoration work has been slowed by the sheer number of areas that were impacted across every geographic area of the community.

Pima County and the City of Tucson have established cooling centers that can provide comfort during high daytime temperatures.

Customers who remain without power are advised to follow our Outage Map or log into our mobile app for updates.

Those in need of assistance can contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-842-7349.

Please note that while we are updating the outage map as quickly as we can to reflect our crews’ repairs across our system, estimated restoration times may not be up to date as we prioritize jobs and respond to others we have not yet had an opportunity to assess.

We're also reaching out proactively to customers in the area who have reported use of medical devices through our Medical Device Alert program. Customers who rely on medical equipment that are not signed up for the program should contact TEP as soon as possible at 520-623-7711.

Meanwhile, for your safety and ours, please avoid areas where our crews are working to restore power and never go near, touch or drive over a downed power line. Call 911 immediately to report it.

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