Tucson Electric Power provides energy-saving products and HVAC tune-ups to help multi-family housing providers and their tenants save energy and money.

This year, TEP’s Multi-Family Housing Program also began giving rebates that reduce the cost of upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient HVAC system.

Property managers and owners can request products, services, and rebates for complexes with five or more individually metered units. Renters cannot seek products themselves but can ask their property managers to obtain them.

“The program benefits tenants, maintenance staff, property managers, and owners,” said Tammy McKay, Program Manager of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and Services. “Our program helps tenants reduce their water and energy use while improving their comfort and air quality.”

Property owners who want to replace HVAC systems or upgrade to more energy-efficient models can apply for rebates of up to $650 for each qualifying unit. Participants must use a TEP participating contractor for the job.

Those who want to keep their HVAC systems can request a tune-up instead. Participating contractors will evaluate your system’s performance and airflow, clean coils, check the refrigerant and seal any duct leaks. TEP will schedule a pre-inspection of the property to determine eligibility.

The program also provides energy-efficiency products, such as LED bulbs, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads for maintenance staff to install.

While all owners can request light bulbs, only those units with electric water heaters qualify for low-flow showerheads and aerators. Showerheads and aerators help cut down on customers’ water use, reducing the amount of electricity needed to heat water, McKay said.

“These services will greatly assist our business customers. Property owners and managers can save on maintenance and possibly reduce tenant turnover rates by providing well-maintained housing,” McKay said.

To learn more about our Multi-Family Housing Program, send an email to multifamily@tep.com.

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