TEP’s Efficient Home Program offers instant rebates for upgrading your old air conditioner or heat pump with ENERGY STAR® rated units.

Under the program, Tucson Electric Power offers incentives of up to $850 for replacing old, inefficient equipment with new, high-efficiency units, or repairing duct systems, keeping your home more comfortable and saving you additional money over time.

The first step is to contact a TEP Efficient Home Program participating contractor to request an efficiency screening. For a list of participating contractors, visit tep.com/efficienthome. A screening can identify unseen problems and put you on the road to an optimized home system.

The contractor will screen your existing equipment and ducts, confirm rebate eligibility and recommend the proper ENERGY STAR equipment.

Contractors follow the quality guidelines of the CheckMe!® Certification system, developed through more than 20 years of industry research by Proctor Engineering Group.

Computer diagnostic testing confirms that your appliance is properly installed with the correct refrigerant charge and air flow, the most typical problems identified by Proctor.

The CheckMe!® Certification process offers immediate feedback so technicians can make modifications, if needed, before leaving your home. You will receive follow-up information on the initial and final status of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, system and the results of the tests performed.

All rebates are issued as a credit on the invoice from your program-participating contractor.

The available incentives are:

  • $500 for ENERGY STAR air conditioning or heat pump quality installation.
  • $850 for ENERGY STAR air conditioning or heat pump quality installation with the early retirement of existing systems that meet specific energy ratings.
  • $250 or $450 for duct sealing, depending on the actual air-leakage reduction.
  • $150 for installing multi-speed equipment, or equipment downsizing with qualifying air conditioners or heat pumps.

Annual HVAC tune-ups can improve energy efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.

ENERGY STAR recommends system-performance evaluations for air conditioning units more than 10 years old or that are unable to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Regular air filter changes (at a minimum every three months, and every month during heavy-use seasons like summer) will prevent dust and dirt from building up and causing early system failure.

For information on federal energy efficiency tax credits, visit: energy.gov/savings/residential-energy-efficiency-tax-credit.

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