Business owner Mark Janezic planned to start replacing fluorescent lights with LED bulbs at his five Auto Wash Express car washes. But he expected the job would be costly and take about two years.

When Janezic learned of a TEP rebate program, he took advantage of the cost savings right away and changed out about 250 bulbs earlier this year. In less than a year, Janezic expects to get a return on his $6,000 investment through lower electric bills.

“Having the TEP incentives and getting help with finding a qualified contractor made it a no-brainer,” said Janezic, whose family has owned local car washes for 40 years. “It’s well worth it.”

TEP offers a variety of rebates to businesses, nonprofit organizations and schools through our Commercial Energy Solutions programs, which are designed to help customers save time, money and energy. Customers use local, TEP-approved contractors to buy and install the energy-efficient products.

With a slowdown during the pandemic, some businesses are finding now is a good time to make upgrades. Contractors are able to install equipment safely while employees are working remotely and as more customers are opting for curbside pickups and online orders.

Businesses can save on both big and small items, including:

  • Smart power strips
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Shade curtains
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Motors
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Compressed air projects

Find a full list for smaller businesses through the Easy Save program and larger businesses from Easy Save Plus.

“The Commercial Energy Solutions rebate programs allow businesses to offset the initial costs of making energy-efficient upgrades, which reduce cost and waste and improve your bottom line,” said Craig Bird, an Outreach Technical Engineer for TEP. “These projects are wide ranging, allowing customers to find innovative and customized energy efficiency solutions for their needs.”

Lighting is among the most popular and simple upgrades, providing both enhanced illumination and cost savings. Businesses can receive instant rebates ranging from $2.50 to $190.

Without TEP’s incentives, Janezic estimates he would have spent the same amount of money on just the bulbs and products alone, not including the time it would have taken his employees away from their usual assignments to do the installations. Through the TEP program, his investment covered both the products and the labor, as well as the specialized service. Plus, the paperwork and process was “painless.”

The LED bulbs improved the quality of light in the self-serve car-wash bays, as well as the vacuum and drying areas.

“They did a really nice job,” Janezic said. “I’ve recommended these incentives to other car wash operators, as well. It’s definitely a good program to support local businesses.”

To learn more, go to the program website or contact

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