More TEP customers – including renters – can now power their homes with 100 percent solar energy for an affordable, fixed monthly rate through TEP’s GoSolar Home program.

TEP is now accepting applications for the program, which allows customers to pay the same, fixed monthly amount for electric service for up to 10 years. The amount is based on customers’ last 12 months of usage and may be adjusted if annual usage increases or decreases by more than 15 percent. Participants are exempt from paying certain surcharges for a decade.

“Our TEP GoSolar Home program makes it easy for residential customers to buy 100 percent clean energy at an affordable price,” said Lynne Petersen, Senior Director of Customer Experience. “Participants pay no maintenance or rooftop installation costs. Both homeowners and renters can participate, so it’s now accessible to more customers than ever.”

After the popular program reached capacity following its initial launch, the Arizona Corporation Commission in August 2021 approved an expansion to allow more participants and to extend the program to renters.

Participation is limited by the capacity of Raptor Ridge Solar, a new 12.5-megawatt solar array in southeast Tucson that will provide power for TEP GoSolar Home customers. This clean, local energy resource, with more than 35,000 photovoltaic modules, was energized last month. Watch a video of our ribbon cutting.

TEP GoSolar Home’s fixed rates could save customers money compared to TEP’s other pricing plans if those rates increase in the future. Other benefits include:

  • No annual price hikes as seen in some rooftop solar lease contracts.
  • A renewable energy option for renters or homeowners whose rooftops are shaded by trees or nearby buildings.
  • No complications associated with selling a home with a rooftop solar system.

Participation also helps reduce customers’ carbon footprint while limiting our community’s reliance on fossil-fueled power.

Customers must have at least 12 months of TEP service with a good payment history. Because the program replaces a traditional pricing plan, participants cannot also take service under a time-of-use or demand-based plan.

For more information, or to sign up, please visit the TEP GoSolar Home webpage.

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