Thanksgiving on the Mayflower

In 2017, Tucson Electric Power made a measurable impact in our community, from teaching 14,000 students about energy efficiency to organizing 152 volunteer events.

Did you know that our employees answered more than 1.6 million phone calls from TEP customers? Take a look at just some of what TEP accomplished in 2017, from solar panel installations to hiring employees:

Renewable Energy

53,488 new photovoltaic panels installed in TEP solar arrays

756,225 megawatt hours generated by TEP’s community-scale solar power systems

69,000 approximate homes powered by TEP solar arrays

Community Impact

1,481 employees and family members who volunteered at TEP-sponsored projects

25,926 hours of volunteer time

$1.5 million donated to local charities

Customer Service

62 Customer Service Representatives who answer calls

40 percent of representatives who are bilingual in English and Spanish

200 languages available through an interpretation service

Education Outreach

$469,000 contributed to education-related organizations

$1.15 million in rebates provided to schools for energy-efficiency measures


1,510 employees across Arizona

1,171 employees in the Tucson metropolitan area

179 military veterans employed by TEP

104 new employees hired last year

42 college and high school interns in training programs


1,155 square miles served

2,531 megawatts of generating capacity

2,415 megawatts of peak demand

2,175 miles of higher-voltage transmission lines

7,642 miles of lower-voltage distribution lines

4,735 new electric service installations

Energy Efficiency

7,248 free and discounted shade trees distributed through our Trees for You program

469,982 discounted LED light bulbs sold to customers

213,746 free energy-efficiency light bulbs given to customers

2,261 free smart thermostats given to limited-income residents

2,016 rebates on smart thermostats given to customers

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