TEP is offering new pricing plans designed for commercial customers who install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as a commercial venture, for their own EV fleets, or for the convenience of their customers and employees.

“These new rates are designed to provide convenient options for commercial customers who want to install EV charging stations, even in areas where usage is expected to be relatively low in the first few years of operation,” said Camila Martins-Bekat, Senior Market Development Representative. “New charging facilities will support all types of customers who choose to invest in electric vehicles, which offer smaller carbon footprints and lower fuel and maintenance costs.”

TEP already offers rebates for businesses, multi-family housing providers and nonprofit groups that purchase and install EVCs through our Smart EV Charging Program.

TEP now has three new pricing plan options for providing electric service to new commercial EVCs for businesses, non-profit organizations and schools.

TEP’s Stand-Alone Electric Vehicle Charging plan is geared toward companies and vendors that install new, stand-alone direct current (DC) fast charging stations, which require sufficient energy to charge EVs in a short amount of time. The rate does not include a demand charge.

TEP’s Electric Vehicle Charging for Small General Service plan is also designed for stand-alone DC fast chargers. However, these chargers would receive service under TEP’s small commercial time-of-use rate but with a higher electric usage threshold – up to 50,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) a month – and no demand charge. This plan would help keep energy costs low for fast-charging stations that may see less business within the first few years of operation, at least until EVs become more common on the road. If usage exceeds 50,000 kWh, service would be moved to either the stand-alone pricing plan or a Medium General Service commercial rate, which includes a demand charge. This small general service plan is available until 2031.

Both of these measures support the development of new EV charging infrastructure by providing rate options that make the economics of installing commercial charging stations more attractive.

TEP’s Submetered Electric Vehicle Charging for General Service Customers also supports the adoption of EVs but is designed to support existing small, medium and large commercial time-of-use customers that want to install charging stations for their customers, employees or their own EV fleets. Service to these chargers would be ‘sub-metered’ – meaning usage by the chargers would be available at a low super-off-peak rate from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day. Although this rate is not designed to accommodate fast chargers, it provides an attractive option for commercial customers who charge their EV fleet overnight.

More than 400 TEP residential customers signed up for one of four rates that offer discounts to electric vehicle owners. TEP also offers rebates for residential customers who install a qualified home EV charger.

To sign up for new EV rates, TEP commercial customers should contact their commercial or key account manager or call our Customer Care team at 520-623-7711.

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