At Tucson Electric Power, we believe our differences make us stronger.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are a core part of our company culture. Here are some of the key ways we champion an inclusive, diverse environment and work to make meaningful progress both inside our company and throughout our community.

Internal strategies

We’re striving to achieve long-term and lasting progress toward equity, access and opportunity for all, informed by a guiding team and feedback from engaged employees.

  • Continual refinement of our department practices and protocols: Ensuring our company provides fair access to services, resources and opportunities.
  • Business Resource Groups: Increasing employee engagement, supporting career development or connecting to customers in the communities we serve in alignment with our business priorities through diverse employee-led groups.
  • Building awareness: Celebrations of diverse holidays, micro-learnings, trainings, town halls, a storytelling series and a listening tour that allowed our employees to share their lived experiences with racism, prejudice and bias.
  • Measuring the employee experience: Translating results into strategies to best advance the feeling of inclusion for all employees.


We’re working to ensure a diverse talent pipeline.

  • K-20 education relationships: Providing support for students and teachers through energy-focused lessons, internships and partnerships with schools in neighborhoods that are under-resourced.
  • Career Internships: We partner with military branches to provide civilian work exposure to separating military personnel. We also offer internships that give teachers real-life utility career experience to take back to their classrooms.
  • Outreach, attraction and training efforts: Partnering with local job networks and nonprofit organizations to facilitate work readiness and energy career sessions with diverse participants.


We’re committed to helping shape a more inclusive community.

  • Volunteer opportunities: Sharing our time, talent and energy to help neighbors in our community overcome barriers and achieve a better quality of life.
  • Non-Discrimination Guidelines: Ensuring organizations seeking funding certify that they do not discriminate on the basis of race and other designations.

“We are deeply committed to creating a workplace and supporting a community where everyone has the same access and opportunity to thrive,” said Susan Gray, President and CEO. “Our leaders and employees have embraced diversity, equity and inclusion as a core part of our company culture. We strive to encourage these values in our community and are continually seeking to learn more as we work to achieve the best for our employees, customers, community and company.”

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