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TEP Updates

Protect Yourself from Phone Scammers

TEP wants you to be aware of an ongoing phone scam in which callers falsely claim to be TEP employees.

Here’s a description of the scam based on comments from our customers: A caller claiming to be a TEP employee contacts a customer and says that electric service is in danger of being shut off because of unpaid bills or because the customer’s meter is replaced. In most cases, the caller instructs the customer to purchase a pre-paid money card and then call a specific number to avoid loss of service.

TEP will only contact customers by phone with bill payment reminders as a courtesy. In cases where customers are behind on their payments, TEP first sends pink disconnect notices before shutting off electric service. TEP never asks customers to purchase pre-paid money cards to pay a monthly bill. To view all the ways you can pay your monthly electric bill, please click here.

If you receive a suspicious call about your electric service, do not provide any information to the caller and hang up. If you have any questions or concerns about your TEP account, feel free to call our Customer Care team at (520) 623-7711.