Rates for EV Owners

Choose from three EV pricing plans

TEP offers three pricing plans for owners of battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Under these plans, customers can reduce their energy bills by charging their EV during super off-peak hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily and shifting the majority of their energy usage to off-peak hours.

Super Off-Peak Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Plan

This plan offers low energy charges most of the day, on weekends and on major holidays, but higher rates during on-peak hours when customers typically use the most energy. Learn more

Super Off-Peak Demand Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Plan

This plan combines lower off-peak rates with on-peak rates and a “demand” charge based on your highest individual hour of usage during on-peak periods. Learn more

Discounts on other Time-of-Use Plans

EV owners who participate in our Time-of-Use or Demand Time-of-Use pricing plans can receive a 5-percent reduction on their Base Power and Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause charges during off-peak periods. For more information, contact our Customer Care team at TEPCustomerCare@tep.com or 520-623-7711.

Tucson Electric Power: EV Rebates

EV Rebates

TEP is making electric vehicle ownership more convenient and affordable for homeowners.
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EV Comparison Tool

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