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Solar Water Heating

Solar-powered heating for your business.

Depending on the availability of unshaded sunlight and the amount of water usage at your business, solar water heating can be a very efficient technology. The decision to install one of these systems should be made after you consider a variety of factors.

2013 Incentive Status:
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Is solar water heating right for me?

Local building codes, availability of sunlight, maintenance requirements and the cost of other alternative energy options, should all enter into your decision to install a solar water heating system. In most populated areas of Arizona there is plentiful sunshine and current utility, state, and federal incentives make this a very economical choice.

What are the benefits of installing solar water heating systems?

Sunlight is a clean renewable energy resource that has been used for many years. Some benefits of solar water/space heating are:

  • Produces no emissions and is replenished naturally
  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Saves the release of 2 lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) for each kilowatt hour (kWh) produced
  • Saves the use of one-half gallon of water for each kWh of solar energy produced
  • Saves the release of other emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide or mercury
  • Makes use of one of Arizona's greatest natural resources – sunshine
  • Provides customers with options to reduce their electric bills.
  • Is very cost effective with payback periods of as little as five years

What incentives are available to TEP customers?

TEP no longer provides commercial solar water heating and space incentives.

Customers may qualify for federal and state tax credits to further reduce the cost of the system. Talk with a tax professional about current tax credits available to you for a renewable energy system. You can also view federal and state tax credits at