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What Happens To Your Recycling?

Take a tour of the ReCommunity Material Recovery Facility (video link below) and see where all of your recyclables go. Also, learn how to make the right choices when discarding material to reduce recycling contamination rates. Watch the video from Tucson 12:

Energy Literacy

The Energy Literacy Framework identifies what a person should know and understand to be energy literate. It is a fantastic resource for people who are tackling the daunting task of developing an energy literate citizenry and covers not only the physical science side of energy but also the social, political, and economic aspects of the energy system as well. Teachers can request up to five copies from the website and if you are doing professional development for educators and want copies for each of them, you can request additional copies using the email

Energy 101 Videos

Learn the fundamental concepts behind renewable energy sources and energy efficiency through these short (four-minute) videos. These videos cover a variety of topics including electric vehicles (EVs), data centers, daylighting, solar PV and wind turbines.

Stories of Solar Energy

Watch this video series produced for the City of Tucson's Solar One Stop website and Kiosk system.

Part A: What is Solar Energy
Part B: Residential and Small Commercial Solar
Part C: Tucson's Solar Future

For more information visit: Solar One Stop AZ

Cactus Moon

Cactus Moon education focuses on reliable information about clean and renewable energy technologies to assist educators. This site provides a line of educational modules for elementary school age students. Cactus Moon also offers presentations for nearly any group of students on topics related to green technology. Learn more »

Local Resources

Energy Information

US Department of Energy – The US Department of Energy or DOE provides tons of information on solar energy development and research. This is a great place to look up information for school assignments and to learn more about solar resources in general.