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Energy Patrol

Assemble a student team to patrol
for and report on energy leaks.

Save money and energy with the Energy Patrol. Your students can help save hundreds of dollars on your school's utility bills and gain leadership skills! This program, sponsored by Tucson Electric Power, can help you organize and implement an Energy Patrol to do this and more! View the Teacher's Guide.

Team up students to track and save energy

Assemble an Energy Patrol at your school. Your group of students can be a student council, an after-school club, or a special-interest group. An Energy Patrol consists of 10 to 20 students who work with an advisor to learn about saving energy, and then patrol the school to implement what they've learned.

An Energy Patrol checks classrooms, office areas, portables and storerooms at recess, lunch and after school to turn off unneeded lights, see that thermostats remain at appropriate temperatures, notice that windows and doors are positioned for maximum efficiency and report dripping faucets and other water leaks.

TEP will provide your Energy Patrol members with information, check lists, printed reminders, and materials. Some school districts may offer additional incentives for energy savings.

Teachers are asked to recommend responsible students for the energy patrol and those who need little supervision. A teacher or advisor acts as a liaison with TEP, but little involvement is required other than enthusiastic support of the program.

Administrative involvement after the initial set-up also is minimal.

Start saving immediately!

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Required Information
School Name
School Address
Zip Code
Energy Patrol Contact or Advisor
Energy Patrol Contact Email
Contact Number

Total number of students or classes participating (optional).
Number of Items Needed
Green Door Hangers – Keep It Up
Yellow Door Hangers – First Warning – Keep It Off
Red Door Hangers – Second Warning – Get with the Program
Representative Name Badges
Captain Name Badges
Student Agreement (contract)
Checklist (8-1/2x11)
Classroom Progress Chart (8-1/2x11)
Switch Plate Stickers (single-lightswitch)
Classroom Progress Wall Chart (limit one per school)
Adhesive Labels (assorted colors in green, yellow, red – 1,000 per pack)
Adhesive Labels (individual colors — 1,000 per pack) Green


Allow 10 working days after order is received for delivery of items.


Once your Energy Patrol is operating and successful, certificates or t-shirts to award for longevity, achievement, etc. are available. To order, please call 520-884-3677 or e-mail

Please do not use this form to order award items.