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Tucson Electric Power is happy to lend educational videos to schools for classroom use to enhance studies about electricity, electrical safety and the environment.

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Video Titles — VHS or DVD Running Time Grade Level
Becoming Energy Wise 13 minutes HS
Bee Smart, Cautious & Informed - Africanized Bees 32 minutes
Beware and Be Wise 21 minutes
Coal: The Rock That Burns 12 minutes 4-8/HS
Disaster Preparedness 20 minutes
EcoSystems - Future Quest 30 minutes
Electric Currents/Circuits 14 minutes
Electric Safety - A-Zap 10 minutes K-3
Electrical Safety At Home and Work 17 minutes 7-Adult
Electricity 14 minutes
Electricity and Magnetism 15 minutes
Electricity: Instant Energy 40 minutes 4-8
Fire from the Sun 27 minutes HS
Just How do we Make Electricity 10 minutes
Kato's Electrical Safety Video Game Adventure - VHS 9 minutes 2-5
Kato's Electrical Safety Video Game Adventure - DVD 9 minutes 2-5
Keeping the Lights On 12 minutes
Learning About Electricity 16 minutes 3-8
Mighty Atom 20 minutes K-6
Our Invisible Friend: Electricity 17 minutes 7-8/HS
Play it Safe Around Electricity 20 minutes 4-6
Principles of Electricty 22 minutes 7-8/HS
Safety at Home 20 minutes 4-8
Search for New Energy I 14 minutes 7-8/HS
Search for New Energy II 18 minutes 7-8/HS
Simple Things You Can Do to Save Energy 15 minutes 6-8
Solar Cells: Power from the Sun 15 minutes HS
Solar Energy 12 minutes
Static and Current Electricity 15 minutes
Stay Clear; Stay Alive 20 minutes 4-6
Sunrise 26 minutes 7-8/HS
The Lightning and Thunder Case 14 minutes
The Living Trees 16 minutes
The Shocking Truth - VHS 18 minutes 4-8
The Shocking Truth - DVD 18 minutes 4-8
Think Earth 7 minutes
Toast 12 minutes 4-8
Virtual Power Plant Tour (long) - DVD 18 minutes 6-8
Virtual Power Plant Tour (long) - VHS 18 minutes 6-8
Virtual Power Plant Tour (short) - DVD 8 minutes 4-6
Virtual Power Plant Tour (short) - VHS 8 minutes 4-6
Where the Little Light Bulb Gets its Juice - VHS 5 minutes K-4
Where the Little Light Bulb Gets its Juice - DVD 5 minutes K-4