Doing Things Differently in Tucson

Tucson ER & Hospital is a physician-owned hospital that prides itself on the ability to offer state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics while providing value-based quality care. The hospital is centrally located, making it a close and convenient option for many patients. Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger from TEP not only sets the hospital apart from other hospitals, it also reflects their commitment to their patients and the health of their community.

“There is no question that the future of transportation involves electric vehicles, and we like to accommodate early adopters who may need charging opportunities when they come to the hospital or are just in the neighborhood,” stated Dr. Christopher Tarr, Chief Executive Officer.

The hospital understands the importance of every detail, no matter how small, and an EV charger gives them an advantage when patients are seeking care.

“We are always pushing the limits of available technology to deliver value to our patients, in the laboratory, in our facilities and at the bedside,” said Dr. Sean Murphy, Chief Medical Officer. “EV charging lends itself well to this vision.”

Caring for People, and the Environment

TEP’s Smart EV Charging Program assisted Tucson ER & Hospital with technical support as well as a rebate to offset the purchase cost and installation of the charger.

“Overall, this was a great program that we are glad we participated in. We wouldn't have done it otherwise,” said Dr. Murphy.

When asked what made installing EV chargers an easy choice for their hospital, Dr. Tarr said: “TEP’s incentive program made the process much easier and less cost-prohibitive. We also understand the future needs of the community.”

L2 charger
Cars can be supported weekly
Miles per hour charged for a plugged-in car

Redefining Hospital Care

“We want all our patients to be able to safely obtain the medical care that they need, and don’t want them to be restricted by issues such as inability to charge their EV,” explained Dr. Tarr. “By having a charging station on site, we hope to provide our patients with the opportunity to receive care that they may not be able to achieve at other care facilities, secondary to transportation and/or charging limitations.”


In addition to convenience and accommodability, the charging stations help promote the hospital’s efforts in reducing emissions and promoting cleaner air locally. Air pollution can cause all kinds of health problems, as well as increased medical costs for individuals. Installing EV chargers and promoting electric vehicles sends a message to the Tucson community about the hospital’s values.

“Electric vehicles provide a much-improved ecological footprint and directly reduce air contamination, thereby improving air quality,” said Dr. Tarr, “As we adopt more electric vehicles, the reduced production of pollutants will help patients with underlying lung disease.”

Promoting a convenient and heathier environment is just another way Tucson ER & Hospital advocates for respectful, compassionate and state-of-the-art care, while exhibiting innovation in environmental stewardship.

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