If you believe TEP is financially responsible for damage to your property, please review the text and guidelines below.

TEP is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service. We design, build, maintain and operate our facilities in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements designed to deliver a steady, stable supply of power to customers.

Such practices cannot guarantee perfect service. Every electric generation, transmission and distribution system in the world is subject to failure at any time. Malfunctioning equipment, inclement weather, property damage, interference from trees or wildlife and other forces beyond TEP's control can result in service interruptions, power surges or voltage irregularities.

Sometimes these incidents result in damage to our customers' property, including surge protectors, appliances and other electrical facilities. When such damage results from circumstances TEP could not have reasonably predicted or prevented, the company does not assume responsibility to pay for damages.

Under rules approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, TEP is not liable for damage claims involving power outages, low voltage or power surges caused by: severe weather or other circumstances beyond our control; during repairs or routine maintenance, including meter exchanges; or during energy curtailment or blackout events.

Additionally, TEP is not liable for damage in circumstances that involve but are not limited to:

  • Wind, rain, lightning, heat, flooding or other types of weather conditions
  • Trees or other vegetation disturbing power lines and other equipment
  • Equipment failure
  • Equipment damaged by vehicles or criminal mischief
  • Animal interference
  • Mylar balloons
  • Fires
  • Other circumstances beyond our control, including "Acts of God"

Additional details are available in TEP's Rules and Regulations under Section 8, titled "Provision of Service."

If you believe TEP is financially responsible for damage to your property, please complete and submit the "Statement of Damage" form below. If TEP accepts responsibility for your claim, the company will determine what the law considers fair compensation and reimburse the lowest of repair costs, replacement costs or fair market value. TEP is not liable for indirect, or consequential damages including lost revenue or profits as described under "General Liability."

To file a claim:

Online — Click here to fill out a form and submit your claim electronically.

Email or mail — Please download and fill out the Statement of Damage form and submit it via email to or to:

TEP Risk Management Department
PO Box 711, Mail Stop HQE 810
Tucson, AZ 85702

Due to limited staffing, claims that are mailed will take additional time to process.  If you are unable to file a claim online, please call 520-745-3370 to speak with a Risk Management representative.  Thank you for your understanding as TEP remains committed to serving our customers and community safely.

—Risk Management

If you have any questions concerning the claims process, please contact our Risk Management Department at 520-745-3370.