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Resource Planning

Planning ahead for reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is planning a dramatic expansion of clean, reliable energy resources. Our integrated resource planning process (IRP) provides regulators, customers and other interested stakeholders with information about current resources, analyses about future energy requirements, and strategies for meeting our customers’ long-term energy needs.

The IRP, in conjunction with our all source request for proposals and transmission planning processes, provides guidance as we continue working to provide 70 percent of our power from renewable resources while reducing carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2035.

2023 Integrated Resource Plan

TEP and its sister company, UniSource Energy Services, have initiated the 2023 IRP planning cycle, building on our commitment to meet  customers’ energy needs reliably while  increasing our portfolio of clean energy resources. Learn more about the 2023 IRP.

Our Previous IRPs

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goal

TEP’s new carbon emission reduction goal was developed in partnership with the University of Arizona’s Institute of the Environment with input from a diverse group of customers, community leaders, local government representatives and environmental advocates. The target represents TEP’s fair share of worldwide efforts to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius under the 2015 Paris Agreement. TEP’s plan would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent compared to levels in 2005, a widely used benchmark year in carbon reduction goals.

New Local Generators Support Expanded Use of Solar, Wind Resources

The first five of 10 reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) generators at the H. Wilson Sundt Generating Station began operating in December 2019. The remainder came online in early 2020. Together, the units provide TEP with a new type of generating resource to support safe, reliable and affordable service for customers.

Tucson Electric Power: 2020 IRP Infographic

2020 IRP Infographic

Here is a visual breakdown of our plan to provide more than 70% of our power from wind and solar resources and reduce carbon emissions 80%.