Our 2023 Integrated Resource Plan

Ambitious. Realistic. Responsible.

Our customers’ energy needs are growing, with new peak energy demand records set in both 2020 and 2021. TEP is working to meet those needs with an increasingly clean energy resource mix.

TEP’s integrated resource plan (IRP) process, which is mandated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), provides an opportunity to assess current power system needs and develop a plan to meet those needs over the next 15 years.

The plan considers alternative combinations of demand-side resources, such as energy efficiency, load management and demand response, and supply-side resources, including traditional and renewable power plants, to identify the best portfolio of resources for meeting customer energy needs in a safe, reliable, sustainable, and affordable manner.

The IRP will provide a roadmap for balancing these objectives while also considering risks and uncertainties inherent in any long-term planning process.

All-Source Request for Proposals

Building on our commitment to meet customers’ energy needs reliably while expanding our clean energy resources, TEP is evaluating options to add energy, capacity and renewable systems to the company’s portfolio. TEP issued an all-source request for proposals (ASRFP) in April 2022, seeking new wind and solar generation, energy storage systems and other resources.

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IRP Advisory Council

As our local energy grid continues to evolve, integrated resource planning will become a more complex process that calls for greater stakeholder involvement. For the 2023 IRP process, TEP formed an advisory council to foster in-depth discussions with engaged community stakeholders. Members include residential and business customers, environmental and low-income advocates, representatives from local governments and educational institutions, and solar installers.

TEP believes that input from a diverse, knowledgeable group of community members will inform a long-term plan that helps our community achieve sustainability goals and maintain reliable, affordable electric service through a balanced, flexible resource plan.

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