Budget Billing

Pay the same amount each month

Your energy usage typically will fluctuate with the seasons and can even vary from month to month. Budget Billing divides your estimated annual charges into equal monthly payments, allowing you to better manage your finances.

For ultimate convenience, combine Budget Billing with Auto Pay and TEP e-bill.

Budget Billing is an optional TEP payment plan that allows you to pay for your electric use in equal monthly installments.

Electric bills can vary greatly from season to season or month to month. Budget Billing levels out the peaks and valleys and allows you to make the same monthly payment year round.

With Budget Billing, you'll know ahead of time exactly how much to budget
for your electric bill.

How it works

Your estimated annual bill will be divided into 12 equal monthly payments. We will continue to read your meter monthly, but you'll pay the same amount from one month to the next instead of paying a different amount each month. Your bill will show how much energy you've used, the amount you've paid and your actual account balance.

We may adjust Budget Billing amounts periodically to reflect changes in your actual usage. As a Budget Billing customer, you also have the option to request a review anytime to see if an adjustment to your Budget Billing amount is necessary to reflect your actual usage. But ultimately you'll only pay for the energy you use.

If you've used less energy than you've paid for, we'll owe you the difference. That amount will be applied to your next Budget Billing payment(s) until it is used up. If you used more power than you paid for, you will owe us. That amount will be added to your Budget Billing payment, equally divided over the next 12 months until it is paid off.

Budget Billing is not a discount program.


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