TEP Mobile App

Fetch our new mobile app

TEP’s new mobile app makes it easier than ever to keep up to date on your account. No need to sit, or stay – you can take our mobile app anywhere on your Apple or Android device.

With the app, you can:

  • View and pay your monthly bill
  • View your energy usage over the last two years and compare how much energy you use from month to month
  • Learn about power outages affecting your home or business and receive notifications with updates as TEP works to restore service
  • Report a power outage with the tap of a button and check the status of restoration efforts in real-time
  • Find energy-saving tips and learn more about programs that can help you save energy
  • Contact us and connect with our social media sites

Download the TEP mobile app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

App Features

View and pay a bill, view your usage patterns and history, view and report power outages, view energy tips and connect to TEP's social media sites.

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Are there differences between accessing My Account on the TEP mobile app and on tep.com?

The TEP mobile app and tep.com both provide flexible, 24/7 access to the self-service features you use most. While the mobile app is specifically designed for ease of use on mobile devices, My Account functions and security are essentially the same on the app and on the website.

Is the mobile app safe and secure?

Yes. All sensitive information is encrypted, and the app does not store personal information on your mobile device. But some mobile devices can store or "remember" your login credentials, which could allow someone using your device to access your TEP account through the app.

What features does the mobile app offer?

You can view and pay a bill, view your usage patterns and history, view and report power outages, view energy tips and quickly connect to TEP's social media sites.

I have multiple TEP accounts. Can I view them in the mobile app?

Yes, up to a limit of five accounts.

Will I receive automatic notifications?

You can choose to receive notifications about power outages affecting your property or when a new bill is available.

Why is my payment extension not reflected in my amount due?

Payment extension services and updates are not yet part of the mobile app. For assistance with payment extensions, please email us or contact Customer Care at 520-623-7711.

Why does the app log me out sometimes?

The app is designed to keep your account information secure and will log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. While you will need to log in again for billing and payment, all other features are functional without logging in.

Which mobile device operating systems do you support?

The app's full functionality is designed for the latest iOS and Android operating systems. While the app may have partial functionality on older operating systems, certain features will not be available due to security concerns. For this reason, users sometimes may be required to update the app to continue using it.

Why doesn't my account balance reflect a recent payment?

Your balance will be updated only when your payment is fully processed and received by TEP. Payments made as transfers from a bank account can show as pending for up to 48 hours.

When I report a power outage, why doesn't my location show as part of the outage on the map?

While your location may be experiencing an outage, there are a variety of reasons it may not be shown on the map. TEP updates the outage map when a certain number of customers are affected for a certain amount of time. Power to your location will be restored as quickly as possible regardless of whether it is part of a mapped outage.

I reported a power outage and received a message about an ETR. What is an ETR, and why am I receiving ETR messages?

Estimated Time of Restoration, or ETR, is our best estimate of when we will have power restored at your location. The ETR messaging on the mobile app will keep you updated as to our progress. Your preference for ETR and other messages may be customized on the Preference page of the app.

Can I report a power outage for a location other than the one linked to my mobile app account?

No. Only locations linked to the mobile app account can be reported at this time. To report an outage at another location, please call our 24-hour Power Outage Hotline at 520-623-3451.

Does the amount due shown on the mobile app include any past due amounts?

The amount due includes all past due amounts. The due date is the due date of the most current bill.

Can I pay with my credit card on the mobile app?

Not at this time. Credit card payments can be made on tep.com and are accepted over the phone by Customer Care at 520-623-7711.

Can I set up Auto Pay for my account on the mobile app?

Not at this time. You can sign up for Auto Pay on tep.com.