Tucson Electric Power

Keeping you in the know

Tucson Electric Power: Find the Right Pricing Plan

Find the Right Pricing Plan

Which one fits your needs? Our new tool can help.
Tucson Electric Power: Behind on Your Bills?

Behind on Your Bills?

Payment plans have been established for customers with overdue unpaid balances from this summer’s bills.
Tucson Electric Power: Interested in Solar?

Interested in Solar?

Use our new tool to see if solar is right for you based on your energy use, as well as up-front and long-term costs.

Planning a Greener and Cleaner Energy Future

We're engaging world-class climate experts and community stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions.

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Easy ways to manage your account and pay your bill

Tucson Electric Power: Auto Pay

Auto Pay

Enjoy freedom and peace of mind by having your monthly payment automatically deducted from your U.S. checking or savings account.
Tucson Electric Power: Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Pay for your electric use in 12 equal installments and even out the peaks and valleys of your bill.
Tucson Electric Power: TEP e-bill

TEP e-bill

Securely receive, view and pay your bill online. It’s as easy as point, click and pay.

Free & Easy

View and pay your bill, track your usage and make account changes with our free programs and online services.

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Helping you save energy and money

Tucson Electric Power: Making EVs more affordable

Making EVs more affordable

Rebates are available for qualified home electric vehicle chargers. Save up to $500.
Tucson Electric Power: Save on Pool Costs

Save on Pool Costs

Switch to an energy efficient pump and get a $195 instant rebate
Tucson Electric Power: A Word on Windows

A Word on Windows

One-third of energy is lost through windows. Read our tips.

Stay Safe

Downed power lines are dangerous and can be deadly. Here's how to stay safe around power lines and during monsoon storms.

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