Red Horse Solar and Wind

Our renewable resources

Tucson Electric Power has a continually expanding portfolio of clean renewable resources to help provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to our community.

TEP’s renewable resources produced nearly 700,000 megawatt hours (MWh) in 2015. That’s nearly 8 percent of TEP’s total 2015 retail sales, surpassing Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard requirement of 5 percent for the year.

Investment in clean, green generating resources and renewable programs will continue as TEP reduces its reliance on coal. The company anticipates adding 800 megawatts (MW) of new renewable capacity by the end of 2030, boosting its total renewable energy portfolio to approximately 1,200 MW.

TEP, recognized worldwide as an industry leader in renewable energy, will continue to invest in innovative, cost-effective renewable programs that offer benefits for all customers.

Supporting solar for everyone

Hundreds of customers have signed up for the new, innovative TEP Residential Solar Program, which provides fixed-price electric service for up to 25 years using solar arrays installed on customers’ homes. Find out if Residential Solar is right for you.

The Bright Tucson Community Solar Program allows residential and business customers to cover some or all of their electrical needs by purchasing locally generated solar power.

Contributions to TEP’s Voluntary Solar Contribution Program help fund the installation of rooftop solar systems at homes built by Arizona chapters of Habitat for Humanity.

TEP is seeking regulatory approval of a new program that would provide fixed-rate benefits for 10 years to customers who agree to purchase the output of local, community-scale solar arrays.

Considering solar for your home or business? Here are important questions to consider. Or, click here to learn more about connecting to TEP’s local distribution system.

Innovation in solar & other renewable resources

TEP, which built its first large solar array more than a decade ago, understands the importance of innovation in advancing renewable energy. As part of its most recent Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) Implementation Plan, the company has entered into long-term agreements for the construction of two large energy storage systems that will help improve service reliability and study how such systems can support the expansion of solar power resources.

The Solar Zone – a joint venture of TEP, the University of Arizona and solar developers – is the largest multi-technology solar testing, evaluation and demonstration site in the United States. The Solar Zone at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park in Tucson.

Researchers and scientists in the UA Renewable Energy Network work closely with TEP personnel to test solar panels, forecast weather, experiment with different solar technologies and develop batteries for storing energy.

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Renewable Site Map

View a map of our expanding portfolio of clean renewable resources.

Solar resource capacity

TEP’s community scale solar resources have a combined capacity of 247 megawatts. That’s enough clean, green energy to power more than 52,000 homes for a year.

Note: One megawatt of solar capacity is enough to power about 211 homes for a year.

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Improving solar productivity

Learn how TEP personnel monitor solar sites throughout Arizona.

TEP’s renewable energy portfolio

Project Name In Service Location Capacity (MW)
TEP Owned (Utility Scale)
Sundt Augmentation (solar thermal) 2014 Sundt Generating Station #4, Tucson 5
White Mountain Solar 2014 Springerville 10
Fort Huachuca Phase I 2014 Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista 17.2
Solon Prairie Fire 2012 Old Vail & Valencia, Tucson 5
SunPower HQ 2012 TEP Headquarters, Tucson 0.1
SunPower OH 2012 TEP Irvington Campus, Tucson 0.5
UASTP II 2011 UA Tech Park * 5
UASTP I 2010 UA Tech Park * 1.6
Springerville 1.9 expansion 2010 Springerville 1.9
Springerville 4.6 2004 Springerville 4.6
DeMoss Petrie 2001 Grant & Interstate 10, Tucson 0.2
  Total Owned: 51
Power Purchase (Utility Scale)
Avalon Solar II 2016 Sahuarita 21.5
Red Horse Solar 2015 Willcox 51.3
Avalon Solar 2014 Sahuarita 35
Cogenra 2014 UA Tech Park * 1.4
Valencia Solar 2013 Valencia & Interstate 10, Tucson 13.2
E.On Tech Park 2012 UA Tech Park * 6.6
Gato Montes Solar 2012 UA Tech Park * 6
Avra Valley 2012 Marana 34.4
Picture Rocks 2012 Marana 25
Amonix UASTP Solar Power Generation Station 2011 UA Tech Park * 2
  Total Power Purchase: 196.4
  Total Utility Scale Solar: 247.3
Rooftop Solar Systems
Residential 78.5
Commercial 82.7
  Total Rooftop Solar Systems: 161.2
  Total Solar: 408.5
Red Horse Wind 2015 Willcox 30
Macho Springs 2011 Deming, NM 50.4
  Total Wind: 80.4
Sundt - Los Reales 1998 Sundt Generating Station #4, Tucson 4
  Total Renewable Resources: 492.9