Smart Energy Tools

Not sure what pricing plan is your best fit? Which solar options provide the best benefits for your household? Is an electric vehicle (EV) a cost-effective option?

Our broad array of online tools can help you make more informed choices so you can save energy and better manage your costs.

Tucson Electric Power: TEP for Me

TEP for Me

Connecting you to programs, pricing plans and other options that fit your budget and your lifestyle: that's what TEP for Me is about.
Tucson Electric Power: Solar Analysis

Solar Analysis

Use this tool to review the benefits and costs of a private solar array based on your rooftop’s characteristics and energy use.
Tucson Electric Power: Pricing Planner

Pricing Planner

TEP offers a variety of pricing plans for residential customers. The Pricing Planner can help you decide which plan is right for you.
Tucson Electric Power: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

EVs can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs while shrinking your carbon footprint. Use this tool to see how an EV might work for you.
Tucson Electric Power: Marketplace


TEP’s online Marketplace offers a wide range of energy-saving products for your home at competitive and discounted prices.
Tucson Electric Power: GoGreen Now

GoGreen Now

Harness TEP’s renewable energy for a cleaner, greener grid. We help you know when clean energy is most abundant so you can shift your biggest appliance use to those times.