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Take control of your electric bill by choosing the pricing plan that is right for you.

Tucson Electric Power offers four unique plans that give small commercial customers the ability to reduce their bills by changing their energy usage habits. With these pricing plans, you can choose to save energy and lower your bill.

Two of the plans include time-of-use rates that offer discounts for usage during off-peak hours. And two of the plans pair reduced energy charges with a "demand" charge that rewards customers who can limit their concurrent use of large appliances during on-peak hours.

No action is required of customers who want to stay on their current pricing plan.

Small General Service Pricing Plans

Tucson Electric Power: SGS Time-of-Use

SGS Time-of-Use

Shifting the majority of your business' electricity usage to off-peak hours can reduce your bill.
Tucson Electric Power: SGS Peak Demand

SGS Peak Demand

Avoid using a lot of energy at any one time during peak usage periods.
Tucson Electric Power: SGS Demand TOU

SGS Demand TOU

Use less power during time periods when businesses typically use energy the most.
Tucson Electric Power: SGS Basic

SGS Basic

Pay bills based on your small business' total monthly electric use.

Medium General Service Pricing Plans:

Large General Service Pricing Plans:


Medium-sized commercial and industrial customers with measured demands of at least 20 kilowatts (kW) and below 300 kW.

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MGS Time-of-Use

Medium-sized commercial and industrial customers with flexibility to use less power during peak usage periods can save.

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LGS Basic

Large commercial and industrial customers with measured demands of at least 300 kilowatts (kW) and below 5,000 kW.

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LGS Time-of-Use

Large commercial and industrial customers have lower usage-based energy charges for most of the day.

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Notice to Applicants

Upon request of the Customer, either at the time of application or after, the Company will use its best efforts to assist the Customer in choosing an appropriate Rate. However, upon application for service or upon request for assistance, the Applicant or the Customer will elect the applicable Rate best suited to his requirements. The Company may assist in making this election, but will not be held responsible for notifying the Customer of the most favorable Rate and will not be required to refund the difference in charges under different Rates. The Customer is solely responsible for selecting the Rate the Customer believes is appropriate. If no Rate is selected; the Customer will be placed on the most common Rate for the class of service and the Company will not be liable to refund the difference in charges had the Customer been placed on different Rates.

F - Frozen, not available to new customers, including current customers who move.


Customers Information
Rate Code Description
TGSGS SGS Basic Opens pdf (Small General Service)
TGSGST SGS Time-of-Use Opens pdf (Small General Service Time-of-Use)
TGSGSD SGS Peak Demand Opens pdf (Small General Service Demand)
TGSGSDT SGS Demand Time-of-Use Opens pdf (Small General Service Demand Time-of-Use)
TGMGS Medium General Service Opens pdf
TGMGST Medium General Service Time-of-Use Opens pdf
TGMGSC Medium General Service Transition Opens pdf
TGMGSCT Medium General Service Time-of-Use Transition Opens pdf
TILGS Large General Service Opens pdf
TILGST Large General Service Time-of-Use Opens pdf
TGGSMHP-F Mobile Home Park Service (Frozen) Opens pdf
TILGSTB Large General Service TOU Storage Program Opens pdf
DCFCX Stand-Alone Electric Vehicle Charging Opens pdf
TILPST Large Power Service Time-of-Use Opens pdf
TILPSTHV Large Power Service Time-of-Use High Voltage Opens pdf
TGLTG Lighting Service Opens pdf
TPTSL Traffic Signal and Street Lighting Service Opens pdf
TGGSWP Water Pumping Service Opens pdf
R-1 Purchased Power Fuel Adjustor Clause Opens pdf (PPFAC)
R-2 Demand Side Management Opens pdf (DSMS)
R-3 Market Cost of Comparable Conventional Generation Opens pdf (MCCCG) Calculation as Applicable to Rider-4 NM-PRS
R-4 Net Metering for Certain Partial Requirements Service Opens pdf (NM-PRS)
R-5 Electric Service Solar Rider Opens pdf GoSolar Shares (formerly Bright Tucson Community Solar™)
R-6 Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff Opens pdf(REST) Surcharge REST-TS1 Renewable Energy Program Expense Recovery
R-7 Customer Self-Directed Renewable Energy Option Opens pdf REST-TS2 Renewable Energy Standard Tariff
R-8 Lost Fixed Cost Recovery Opens pdf (LFCR)
R-9 Environmental Compliance Adjustor Opens pdf (ECA)
R-11 Partial Requirements Service Opens pdf
R-12 Interruptible Power Service Opens pdf
R-13 Economic Development Rate Opens pdf
R-14 Resource Comparison Proxy Export Rate Opens pdf (RCP-PRS)
R-16 Transmission Cost Adjustor Opens pdf
R-17 Tax Expense Adjustor Mechanism (TEAM) Opens pdf
R-18 Market Pricing-Experimental (MP-EX) Opens pdf
R-19 Submetered Electric Vehicle Charging for General Service Customers Opens pdf
R-20 Stand-Alone Electric Vehicle Charging for Small General Service Opens pdf
R-21 Residential Lifeline Discount Opens pdf
Statement of Charges TEP Statement of Charges Opens pdf
Bill Estimation Bill Estimation Methodologies Opens pdf