Payment Assistance

TEP understands that many customers may still be struggling financially. To provide relief, TEP offers extended payment arrangements, payment extensions and other assistance to help customers who have fallen behind on their electric bills. Bill payment assistance also is available from the community agencies listed below.

    • Payment Arrangements – Tucson Electric Power does not disconnect residential electric service for non-payment through the hot summer season from June 1 through Oct. 15. Customers with overdue balances after October 15 will be enrolled in a payment arrangement and are expected to continue to make monthly payments to pay down their overdue balances. If you need more time, call TEP Customer Care to request a longer payment plan. Customers placed on payment arrangements must pay the monthly installment amount plus their current monthly bills in full and on time. All customers are responsible for paying for all the energy they use.
    • Payment Extensions – Customers who aren’t already on a payment arrangement and just need a little extra time to pay can request a payment extension through My Account using TEP’s mobile app or by calling TEP Customer Care at 520-623-7711. Generally, customers with a good payment history are eligible for an extension. If you are denied a payment extension online or through our automated IVR system, please speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Customers remain responsible for paying for all the energy they use. If you have any questions about assistance available through TEP or community agencies or your account, please contact TEP Customer Care at 520-623-7711.

Are you a homeowner? The Arizona Department of Housing offers funding to pay the overdue utility bills of homeowners who have been impacted by the pandemic. Eligible homeowners must have a household income less than or equal to 150 percent of the Area Median Income, which is $102,200 for a family of four in Pima County. Please visit Housing Assistance Program today to fill out a convenient pre-screening questionnaire to see if you qualify for bill assistance.

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