Electric car

Electric Vehicles

Energize your ride

Electric vehicles (EVs) drive powerful economic and environmental benefits for our community, including:

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower user fuel and maintenance costs
  • Cleaner air
  • Quieter operation

How TEP supports EVs

TEP is playing a key role in driving the development of new infrastructure to support EV adoption in the commercial and residential markets. Our support includes:

  • Public outreach and education about EV technology
  • Electrification of TEP’s fleet vehicles
  • Online EV Comparison tool to help customers decide if an EV is right for them
  • Development of a statewide Electrification Transportation Plan to reduce barriers to transportation electrification
  • Assistance to local and county governments with the electrification of their fleets
  • Support for local car dealerships transitioning to marketing, selling and servicing EVs

Rates and Rebates

  • Rates for Electric Vehicle Owners: TEP offers three pricing plans for battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles owners that provide lower rates for charging EVs during super off-peak overnight hours.
  • Rebates for Residential Customers: TEP residential customers can claim a rebate of up to $500 based on amperage of a qualified home EV charger.
  • Rebates for Business Owners: TEP’s Smart EV Charging Program offers generous incentives as well as technical support to commercial businesses, multi-family complexes and nonprofit customers that purchase and install EV charging ports at their location.
  • Rates for Commercial Customers: TEP offers pricing plans for commercial customers who install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as a commercial venture, for their own EV fleets, or the convenience of their customers and employees.
Tucson Electric Power: EV Comparison Tool

EV Comparison Tool

Use this tool to see how an Electric Vehicle might work for you.
Tucson Electric Power: Charging your EV

Charging your EV

Before you purchase an EV, learn about the three types of chargers and how long it might take for you to charge your vehicle.