Electric car

Electric Vehicles

Energize your ride

Electric vehicles (EVs) drive powerful economic and environmental benefits for our community, including:

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower user fuel and maintenance costs
  • Cleaner air
  • Quieter operation

How TEP supports EVs

TEP is playing a key role in driving the development of new infrastructure to support EV adoption in the commercial and residential markets. Our support includes:

  • Public outreach and education about EV technology
  • The electrification of passenger vehicles in TEP’s fleet, including light and heavy duty trucks as new EV models become available
  • Partnerships with the City of Tucson Police Department and Sun Tran public transit system to provide infrastructure and technical support for the electrification of their fleets
  • Installation of new electric shuttles for tours through Sabino Canyon Recreation Area
  • Participation in Arizona Corporation Commission workshops to develop EV policy and programs
  • Engagement with other utilities and transportation providers to develop a statewide EV charging network along our state highways

EV Incentive Programs

Special EV Pricing Plans

TEP offers three pricing plans for owners of battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Under these plans, customers can reduce their energy bills by charging their EV during super off-peak hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily and shifting the majority of their energy usage to off-peak hours.

  • Super Off-Peak Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Plan
    This plan offers low energy charges most of the day, on weekends and on major holidays, but higher rates during on-peak hours when customers typically use the most energy. Learn more
  • Super Off-Peak Demand Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Plan
    This plan combines lower off-peak rates with on-peak rates and a “demand” charge based on your highest individual hour of usage during on-peak periods. Learn more
  • Discounts on other Time-of-Use Plans
    EV owners who participate in our Time-of-Use or Demand Time-of-Use pricing plans can receive a 5-percent reduction on their Base Power and Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause charges during off-peak periods. For more information, contact our Customer Care team at TEPCustomerCare@tep.com or 520-623-7711.

Home Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVC) Rebates

TEP residential customers can claim a rebate covering up to 75 percent of the cost of installing an EVC. The rebate is up to $500 for a qualified two-way communicating EVC or up to $250 for a one-way, non-communicating EVC. The incentive will be issued as a credit on a qualifying customer’s TEP account. One incentive per EVC per highway-approved battery electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is allowed.

To receive the EVC rebate, TEP customers must:

  • Install a Level 2 or higher EVC
  • Provide proof of purchase and installation of the EVC along with the EVC serial and model numbers
  • Use a licensed installer and provide proof that the work was properly permitted
  • Provide a copy of the EV registration during the TEP representative’s site visit
  • Agree to use and remain on a TEP Time-of-Use pricing plan for at least two years
  • The property owner must allow a TEP representative to enter the home to verify program requirements are met

For more information and to apply for an EVC rebate*, click here to download the Electric Vehicle Charger Program Application Form.

* This rebate applies to EVCs installed on or after Feb. 20, 2019. Incentives are subject to the availability of funding. This program is subject to change or expire without notice. Full rebate details are available on the Electric Vehicle Charger Program Application Form.

Other EV benefits and incentives

In Arizona, EVs are exempt from all emissions testing requirements. Once you have an Alternative Fuel Vehicle license plate, you can use the HOV freeway lanes at any time, regardless of the number of passengers.

State tax incentives also are available, including reduced vehicle license tax. EV owners also may qualify for federal tax credits of up to $7,500 for the purchase of a new plug-in EV.

Fuel is a lot less expensive, too. In Arizona, charging an EV is about a third of the cost of fueling a traditional gasoline vehicle.

Rebates for Business Owners

TEP’s Smart EV Charging Program offers generous incentives as well as technical support to commercial businesses, multi-family complexes and nonprofit customers that purchase and install EV charging ports at their location.

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