Smart EV Charging Program

Enjoy financial and environmental benefits

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Position your organization as forward-thinking

Energize Your Business by Supporting Electric Vehicles

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by installing charging ports for electric vehicles (EVs) at your facility.

Having EV charging ports on your premises offers both financial and environmental benefits, helps promote your eco-friendly values and positions your organization as forward-thinking. They also help attract and retain employees and build goodwill with your customers and the community. By installing EVs, your organization becomes part of the solution to the world's most pressing environmental problems.

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Smart EV Charging Program Incentives

Tucson Electric Power's Smart EV Charging Program offers incentives as well as technical support to commercial businesses, multi-family complexes and nonprofit customers that purchase and install EV charging ports at their location. Customers located in lower-income areas receive higher rebates. Rebates are issued at the completion of the project.

Our rebates greatly offset your purchase and installation costs, making it easier to become a leader in developing sustainable EV infrastructure for our community.


Charger Type Site Standard Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Eligible Projects*
Level 2 (L2) Workplace $4,000/port; up to 75% of project cost $6,000/port; up to 75% of project cost
Level 2 (L2) Multi-family, Nonprofit $5,400/port; up to 85% of project cost $9,000/port; up to 85% of project cost
DC Fast Charger (DCFC) All $20,500/port; up to 75% of project cost $40,000/port; up to 75% of project cost

*Includes projects located in U.S. Census tracts where average household incomes do not exceed 80% of the median Arizona household income AND where chargers are made available to the public during normal business hours.  For a map of qualifying areas, visit 

*City of Tucson projects - please note TEP is not able to provide a rebate for project costs associated with meeting the minimum requirements of the City of Tucson's Commercial EV Ordinance. For example, if your project will have 5 charging stations and the ordinance requires the installation of 3 charging stations, TEP's Smart EV charging program will only cover costs associated with 2 out of the 5 charging stations.

Vintage Vibes Meets EV Chargers


Located just off I-10 in Tucson, Hotel McCoy has retro appeal, but is also dedicated to 21st-century technology - including an EV charger from TEP.


Program Requirements

  1. All TEP commercial customers are eligible to apply.
  2. Customers must purchase and install a minimum of two (but up to six) Level 2 or DC-fast charging ports at their location. Projects that involve the installation of six or more ports will be evaluated on an individual basis and incentives may vary.
  3. Customers must sign a Site Host Agreement with a three-year term.
  4. Customers must be on one of TEP's Time-of-Use pricing plans.

Click here for a list of approved charging port vendors

NOTE:  TEP reserves the right to modify the program requirements or incentives as needed.

Project Costs Eligible for Incentives

  • EV charging station and related equipment
  • Electrical service upgrades required for the installation
  • Design and engineering services
  • Construction and installation (materials and labor)
  • Service, warranty and O&M agreements

How TEP Supports Your Project

  • Conducts a site evaluation to determine the best charging solution
  • Provides customers with a prequalified list of approved charging port vendors and referrals to qualified installers
  • Educates customers on best practices for equipment operation
  • Provides post-inspection follow-up and guidance to ensure the project meets your goals and expectations

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