Electric Service Requirements (ESR)

Standards for materials and construction.

The information contained on this page comprises the Electric Standards Requirements book distributed by TEP as a reference and a guide for regulations and practices regarding the connection and supply of electric service.

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Summary of Revisions – 2018


General Information – 100

Number Title
100 Title Blocks and Logos
101 Important Contact Information
102 Definitions

Application for Service

Number Title
1.04-1.05 Type of Service & Limitations
1.06 Preliminary Notification
1.06 Obtaining Information
1.06 Removal of Facilities
1.06 Service Scheduling
1.07 Government Contacts
1.13 Residential/Commercial New Construction Application
1.13A Service Removal Request
1.14 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
1.15 Outline for Project Completion - Residential
1.16 Outline for Project Completion - Commercial

Customer Information

Number Title
1.17 Codes and Regulations
1.17 Customer Installations
1.17 Access to Premises
1.17 Employee Identification
1.18 Employee Compensation
1.18 Tampering
1.18 Protection of TEP Property
1.18 Design of Customer's Equipment
1.19 Interruptions
1.19 Defaults
1.19 One Call/Access

Customer Installation

Number Title
1.24 Unmetered Energy
1.24 Resale of Energy
1.24 Attachments to TEP Facilities
1.24 Access to Pad Mounted Equipment
1.24 Trimming Trees

Misc. Requirements

Number Title
1.25 Right-of-Way
1.25 Prior to Excavation
1.25 High-Voltage Power Lines and Safety Restrictions
1.25 Damage to TEP Facilities
1.25 Grade Changes
1.25 Relocation of Electric Facilities
1.25 Power Outage Request
1.26 Requirements for Legal Description, Exhibit Drawing and Electronic File for Easement

Civil Installations– 200

Line Extensions – General
Number Title
2.01 Overhead and Underground Line Extensions
2.02 High Density Development Designs
2.02 Additional Charges
2.03 New Subdivisions — Provisions for Service
2.03 Ducts for Road Crossing
Single-Phase Underground Line Extensions
Number Title
2.04 Requirements
Three-Phase Underground Line Extensions
Number Title
2.04 Requirements
205 Duct and Concrete Installation
207 Trench, Backfill
208 Site Preparation for Equipment Pads on Sloping Grades
209 Watch VideoTrenching, Underground Residential Distribution (URD)
210 Sleeve Installation
212 Trench and Duct Encasement, Drainageway Crossings
215 Trenching 2.5-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch Duct Installation
218 Duct Stub Detail
220 Underground Riser, Customer Installed
225 Distribution Pullbox with Manhole
226 Pullbox 15 kV with Lid (Reference Only)
230 Equipment Barrier, Protective
232 Excavation and Duct Placement for 3Ø Fused Junction Cabinet (F2)
233 Transformer Pad Underground 3Ø
234 Excavation and Duct Placement for 3Ø Junction Cabinet (J2)
235 Excavation and Duct Plasement for 1Ø Junction Cabinet (J1)
240 Box Pad Installation
241 Capacitor Installation
242 Gas Insulated Switch Installation

Service Installations – 300

Number Title
301 Load Balancing
301 Typical Service Entrances
301 Socket Wiring

Electric Service Lines

Number Title
301 Overhead Service Lines
301 Underground Service Lines
301 Service Trenches
304 Overhead or Underground Service and Meter Location
305 Service Entrance with Conduit Riser Overhead
307 Service Entrance on a Pole
308 Single-Phase 401A-600A, Three-phase Underground Service from Overhead, 600A
308A Single-phase Underground Service from Overhead, 0-400A
309 Three-phase Underground Service from Pad-mounted Transformer
310 Service Entrance Underground
312 Trenching, Service Single-phaseWatch Video
314 Service Entrance Temporary, Underground

Metering Installations – 400

Number Title
405 General RequirementsWatch Video
Requirements for Residential Socket Interiors
Meter Enclosures and Clear Working Space
408 Residential or Commercial (Restricted) Service 0-100A, 3W, 1Ø, Overhead and 0-30A, 2W, 1Ø Overhead or Underground
Residential Overhead Service, 3W, 1Ø, 101-200A
Residential Underground Service, 3W, 1Ø, 0-200A
Residential Service, 3W, 1Ø, 0-200A Combination Meter Socket and Distribution Section
Meter Post - Underground Service to Mobile Home
409 Non-residential Service Pedestal (including Traffic Signals) 0-200A/0-600V
410 Commercial Service, 3W or 4W, 1Ø and 3Ø, 0-200A
412 Watch VideoResidential or Commercial Service, 3W, 1Ø, 201-400A
414 Socket Requirements - 1Ø w/Instrument Transformers
414 Socket Requirements - 3Ø w/Instrument Transformers
418 Residential and Commercial Multi-Metering Installations
420 Meter Protective Cabinets
422 Current Transformer Installations in Cabinets
423 Meter Socket and Conduit Installation Detail for Primary Metered Service
424 Remote Meter Cabinet for primary metered service, 201 - 800A
425 Terminating Box or Section
426 Combination Terminating Box and Main Disconnect
430 Current Transformer Installations in Switchgear
431 Metering Remote
432 Low Profile Switchboards
433 CT Compartment, 401-800A, 1Ø
434 CT Compartment, 201-1000A, 3Ø
435 CT Compartment, 1001-3000A, 3Ø
436 CT Compartment, 3001A-4000A, 3Ø
437 Enclosed Meter Panel in Raintight Switchgear
438 Switchboard Meter Panels
439 Removable Bus Links and CT Supports
451 Primary Metering Overhead and Underground
452 Approved Metering and Service Equipment

Short Circuit Protection – 500

Number Title
510 Short Circuit Protection

Grounding and Bonding– 600

Number Title
600 General Information, Introduction, NFPA 70 NEC, Grounding, Bonding (Unfused Areas)
601 Minimum Size of Bonding/Equipment Grounding/Grounding Electrode Conductors and Grounding Bus
602 Concrete Encased Electrode (Ufer Ground)
603 Single Phase Meter Pedestal
604 Single Phase Overhead Residential Service (Meter Socket and Load Center)
605 Single Phase Overhead or Underground Service (All in One)
606 Single Phase Overhead or Underground (Multi-Pak Service)
607 Single or Three Phase Overhead Service(Meter Socket and Disconnects)
608 Three-Phase Service Overhead or Underground (Pull Section, Raceway and Sockets)
609 Transformer Rated Service With CT CAN Overhead or Underground
610 Transformer Rated Service Switchgear Overhead or Underground

Customer Technologies - 700

Number Title
701 Installation and Operation of Interconnected Distributed Generation Sources (Including Emergency and Standby Systems)
702 Electric Service Requirements For Small Interconnected Distributed Generation Sources
703 Electric Service Requirements For Medium-Sized Commercial Interconnected Distributed Generation Sources

Telecommunication, Wireless & Cable TV Attachments - 800

Number Title
801 General Attachment Specifications
802 Pole Mounted Small Cell Equipment
803 Stranded Mounted Small Cell Equipment
805 Riser Details, Telco/CATV

GIS Drawing Legend

Number Title
LEGEND Overhead/Underground Mapping Legend

Distributed Generation Interconnection Requirements (DGIRs)

View and download the DGIRs.

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