A Room by Room Tour of Energy Savings

Want to save energy to lower your monthly bills? Start here! We’ll take you through each room of your home to help you identify more ways to save. Click on the images below to view a short video with simple and easy tips and check out our rebates on energy efficient products and services.

AC Unit

Give your AC a little TLC

Just like regular oil changes for your car, your AC system needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently and extend its life.
Be Kind to Your AC Unit


Cooking Up Savings in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of your home. But it’s also a place where you can whip up some energy savings.
Getting into the Flow with Water Savings
Cooking up Savings
Cool Savings for Your Fridge

Laundry Room

Cleaning Up with Laundry Savings

The average family spends about six hours running the washing machine and dryer each week. Those energy costs can add up over time.
Energy Savings in the Laundry Room

Living Room

Living in Your Energy Efficient Space

We’ve got some tips to keep your living room comfortable and efficient while you gather with friends and family, stream some shows or curl up with a book.
Efficient Electronics
Comfortable Temperatures
Swing into Savings


Sleep Easy with Bedroom Savings

Your bedroom is a sanctuary after a long day. Eliminating these energy wasters can lead to sweeter dreams.
Unwind with These Savings
Saving on some Good Z’s


A Small Room with Big Opportunities

Saving water in the bathroom not only helps our community be more sustainable, but saves energy as well. Check out these smart bathroom tips to wash away any energy wasters.
Saving Water, Saving Energy
Hot Savings on Your Shower


Take advantage of these cost-saving rebates

TEP offers our residential customers several rebates and discounts for a variety of energy-saving products and services.
Cool A/C Rebate
Get Charged for our EV Rebate

Looking for more energy-saving tips?

Improving energy efficiency not only lowers your energy bills, it improves the comfort and quality of life for you and your family.