Avalon Solar II

Solar  |  Sahuarita, AZ

Avalon Solar II, the second phase of a large developer-owned system in Sahuarita, includes 70,000 solar panels mounted on horizontal, single-axis trackers that rotate with the sun's position to maximize production. The 21-megawatt expansion generates enough energy each year to power more than 4,400 homes.

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Avalon Solar II panels

Avalon Solar II array

Avalon Solar II panels


System Details


System Details
System Type Single Axis Tracker
Location Tucson, AZ
In Service 6/28/2013
Capacity 13.2 MW DC
Modules 47,566 JA Solar 295W Poly-crystalline
Inverters 6 - 1650kW Eaton Power Xpert Solar
Est. yearly energy output 27,156 MWh AC
Est. yearly emissions saved (C02) 59,743,200
Est. cars off the road for 1 year 6,223
Est. gallons of water saved per year 20,367,000