Efficient Home Program

Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long

Heating and cooling account for the largest energy use in a typical home. If your cooling and heating systems aren’t operating efficiently, you’re wasting energy and money and sacrificing comfort.

Our Efficient Home Program offers instant rebates for the purchase and installation of a new ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioning and heat pump unit through one of our authorized contractors. The rebate is taken off the purchase price when you retire an older working unit or a non-working AC unit. Rebates also are available for duct sealing and AC tune-ups.

To qualify for the rebates, you must use an authorized Efficient Home Program contractor. This ensures your equipment or services were properly completed, inspected and tested for optimal performance.

Please verify that your contractor is authorized by TEP to perform these services before work begins. Check the list of participating contractors below.


ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump quality installation with early retirement of qualifying existing system up to $900
ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump quality installation up to $650
Duct sealing (varies based on actual leakage reduced): up to $300
AC tuneup:

  • Refrigerant charge repair:
  • Indoor coil cleaning:
  • Outdoor coil cleaning:
up to $155

Western Cooling Control: $70

A one-time $70 rebate on the installation of a Western Cooling Control™ also is available to customers. This device runs the AC fan a few minutes longer after the unit turns off to force all of the cooled air out of the ducts and into your home.

Find a TEP-approved contractor

Find a TEP-approved contractor to qualify for the rebates. By using one of our participating partners, customers are assured of CheckMe!® Diagnostics and quality installation.

For additional information about potential tax benefits for energy efficiency improvements, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

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