Solar System  |  Tucson, AZ

E.ON is a 6.4-megawatt (MW) DC single-axis tracking power plant located at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park (UASTP), near I-10 and Kolb Road in Tucson. E.ON designed and constructed the array. The technology used on the panels is crystalline photovoltaic.

TEP is purchasing the power generated at the E.ON Solar Power Plant through a 20-year purchase power agreement (PPA).

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Cumulative Energy Output

Peak Power

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System Details

System Details
System Type Single Axis Tracker
Location Tucson, AZ
In Service 12/28/2012
Capacity 6.4 MW DC
Modules 22,800 Suntech 280 Watt
Inverters 10 - AE 500 kW AC
Est. yearly energy output 10,500 MWh AC
Est. yearly emissions saved (C02) 23,100,000
Est. cars off the road for 1 year 2,406
Est. gallons of water saved per year 7,875,000