FRV Picture Rocks

Solar System  |  Marana, AZ

FRV Picture Rocks is a single-axis tracking system located on a 305-acre site owned by Tucson Water just west of Tucson. The solar panels are mounted on horizontal-axis trackers that rotate with the sun’s position in order to optimize electricity production. The system uses no water to generate power.

TEP is purchasing power from SunEdison through a 20-year purchase power agreement (PPA). The system is generating enough energy to meet the annual needs of approximately 3,500 homes.

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Cumulative Energy Output

Peak Power

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System Details

System Details
System Type Single Axis Tracker
Location Marana, AZ
In Service 11/29/2012
Capacity 25 MW DC
Modules 88,000 MEMC 290-Watt
Inverters 32 - TMEIC 625-Watt
Est. yearly energy output 41,000 MWh AC
Est. yearly emissions saved (C02) 90,200,000
Est. cars off the road for 1 year 9,396
Est. gallons of water saved per year 30,750,000