We're Ready for Summer. Are You?

Take the heat off your summertime electric bills with these easy, energy-saving strategies.

You also can make greater use of our renewable energy resources while reducing stress on our local energy grid by shifting some of your energy use to off peak periods.

We’re doing our part too. We’re well-prepared for summer’s soaring temperatures and powerful thunderstorms, thanks to system upgrades that support safe, reliable service around the clock.

Summer savings tips

Energy-saving steps you can take now to help keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills in check as the temperature starts to climb.

Defeat the Peak

Limiting energy use from 3-7 p.m. can help keep our service reliable and affordable.

Convenient Programs

You’re just steps away from a no-sweat summer. Want to know exactly how much to budget for your electric bill? How about a new pricing plan that offers savings when you shift usage to off-peak periods? The choice is yours.

Grid Investments

We’re ready to deliver power around-the-clock, even in extreme weather.