Rebates & Programs

Take advantage of these cost-saving rebate programs

TEP offers our residential customers several rebates and discounts for a variety of energy-saving products and services.

Tucson Electric Power: Efficient Home Program

Efficient Home Program

Heating and cooling account for the largest energy use in a typical home. If your cooling and heating systems aren’t operating efficiently, you’re wasting energy and money and sacrificing comfort.
Tucson Electric Power: Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

TEP is playing a key role in driving the development of new infrastructure to support EV adoption in the commercial and residential markets.

Lighting Discounts

Looking for lightbulbs? Efficient, affordable options for standard bulbs are now widely available without utility incentives. That's why TEP is now focusing customer-funded incentives in other areas that will drive greater efficiency and energy savings. We still offer discounts and rebates on certain types of specialty lighting. Discounted specialty bulbs are available at local Lowe's, The Home Depot and Walmart stores.

Tucson Electric Power: Smart Thermostat Rebate

Smart Thermostat Rebate

Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control your energy usage and costs and improve your family’s comfort. TEP offers a rebate when you purchase and install a qualified thermostat.
Tucson Electric Power: Smart Rewards Program

Smart Rewards Program

Sign up and earn a $50 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® by helping to reduce energy use during times of high energy demand. That’s good for the environment, and it helps keep energy costs low for everyone.
Tucson Electric Power: Efficient Home Water Heating

Efficient Home Water Heating

Residential customers can receive a $400 rebate for the purchase and installation of an ENERGY STAR® heat pump water heater. The rebate will be issued as a credit on your TEP account.
Tucson Electric Power: Trees for You

Trees for You

TEP’s Trees for You program offers customers a wide selection of shade trees at a discounted price from local nurseries. Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.
Tucson Electric Power: Energy Smart Homes

Energy Smart Homes

If you’re thinking about buying a newly-constructed home, look for a TEP Energy Smart Home. These energy-efficient homes will save you money now and for years to come.
Tucson Electric Power: Marketplace


TEP’s online Marketplace offers a wide range of energy-saving products for your home at competitive and discounted prices.
Tucson Electric Power: E-bike Rebate Program

E-bike Rebate Program

All TEP customers are eligible for $100 off the purchase of a qualifying electric bike. Low- to moderate-income customers are eligible for a $600 rebate.

Additional Incentives

Check out these additional incentives from other utility providers.

Tucson Water

Southwest Gas

Federal Income Tax Credits and Incentives for Energy Efficiency