Construction Services: Forms

Submit a request for construction services.

Apply for electric service for new construction installations, increases or relocations, or request removal of electrical facilities from a home or other building.

Before You Start

You will need to have the following information and references ready to complete the form. Agency contact information is also provided for your convenience.


  • Official address
  • Site contact information
  • Billing contact information
  • Permit numbers
  • Building and lot numbers


  • Legal description
  • Site plan (for one acre parcels)
  • Electric plans (for over 200 amps)

Agency Contact Information

  • Town of Marana: 520-382-2600
  • Sahuarita: 520-822-8866
  • Manufactured Housing
    (STATE PERMIT): 602-364-1067

Notice to Applicants

The default pricing plan for temporary and commercial service is GS-10. The default pricing plan for residential service is R-01. Please consult the Rates for other service plan information.

Residential Construction

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Commercial Construction

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Subdivision or Apartment Site construction

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