Definitions and Commonly Used Terms

Access Appointment: An appointment that a customer sets up with TEP in order to gain access to TEP's energized equipment for completion of the customer's work, such as the installation of conduit to an existing transformer. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 520-918-8300.

Construction Drawing: Detailed blueprints showing electrical layout for the project.

Crews: TEP's crews typically consist of 3 to 4 Journeyman Linemen/Cablemen.

Designer: A TEP employee responsible for the design of electrical facilities and technical questions for three-phase projects.

Field Technician: A TEP employee who performs inspections prior to the installation of TEP facilities. Field technicians also may be responsible for the design of electrical facilities and technical questions for single-phase projects under the direction of a Designer.

Line Work: The installation of TEP facilities such as poles, transformers, junction boxes and line extensions. Line work requires consultation with a TEP field technician or Designer. The customer is typically billed for line extension work at a per-foot rate.

Power Kill: A TEP Troubleman or Crew will disconnect power to a customer's meter so that the customer can complete their work. After the customer has completed work on the customer's property and a governmental clearance has been received by TEP, a Troubleman or Crew will return and reconnect power to the meter. Power kills must be scheduled ahead of time by calling (520) 918-8300.

Service Work: Any overhead or underground conductor work preformed from the service entrance of a home to a TEP pole or transformer to TEP facilities. A flat service installation fee is typically charged to the customer for this work.

TEP: Tucson Electric Power Company