Field trips – in-person and online

Tucson Electric Power offers several resources – free to teachers – that allow students to participate in interactive museum exhibits, solar array sites, and virtually through digital materials.

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School field trips to the Tucson Children's Museum

Electri-City is fantastic learning opportunity – and it's fun!
View a museum tour in action.

Schools where 50 percent or more of the student population is eligible for the federal school lunch program can receive educational tours free. TEP provides the funding for qualifying school groups.

Originally installed in 1995, TEP's hands-on exhibit at the Tucson Children's Museum teaches visitors about electric safety, the history of electric power and the science behind their electric service.

The exhibit updates periodically so that return visitors learn new lessons. Recently, solar panels were installed on top of a constructed outdoor playhouse, creating an interactive environment for children to see renewable energy in action.

To find out if your school qualifies and to book your tour, teachers should call the museum at 520-792-9985, Ext. 105, during regular business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Sun collection in 3D

Take a tour to see various different solar arrays at the Solar Zone at UA Tech Park. TEP provides a site with rows of solar panels that harness energy from the sun. TEP and other organizations use this area to test different solar panels and systems and also to supply electricity to the grid – the network of transmission sites that delivers power to customers.

Solar energy production is a critical aspect of TEP's power production as we strive to supply clean, sustainable energy to our customers. Our test yard helps us find the most productive, cost efficient equipment to achieve that goal.

For information on TEP's solar test yard, call 520-884-3658.

To sign up for a tour, email Edward James at

Prior to taking your tour, view this video to ensure the safety of all visitors to TEP's Solar Test Yard.

How electricity is made

We are changing the way we create electricity at the H. Wilson Sundt Generating Station. Check back soon for a new virtual power plant tour.

TEP has ended its use of coal and has switched primarily to natural gas at Tucson's largest power plant. Read the news release for more information.