The Interconnection Agreement

Generation Exceeding 20 MW

At this point in the process, you already should have submitted your application and completed both the System Impact and Facility studies. A draft of the Large Generation Interconnection Agreement (Appendix 6) will be provided to you once the Facility Study has been completed. The final step is the Interconnection Agreement.

TEP will provide you with an Interconnection Agreement. You have 30 calendar days to sign and return the Interconnection Agreement. Once both parties sign the agreement, the interconnection project will proceed.


  • Execute Interconnection Agreement (LGIP-Appendix 6).


  • Issues a draft of the Interconnection Agreement (LGIP-Appendix 6) to you within 30 calendar days of receiving your comments on the Facility Study or within 30 calendar days of the Facility Study Report review meeting

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