Solar panels at sunset

GoSolar with TEP

Power your home or business with cost-effective community solar power.

Want an easy way to go solar? Our GoSolar programs let you plug in to TEP's local solar arrays to power your home or business with affordable renewable energy. Get your share of the sun now!

You won’t have to worry about annual price hikes or equipment maintenance expenses. You’ll also enjoy protection against future energy cost increases while reducing your carbon footprint by securing a clean, renewable energy resource for your home or business.

Which community solar program is best for you?


TEP GoSolar Home

  • Buy all of your power from a local 15 megawatt (MW) TEP solar array for a monthly price that can remain fixed for 10 years.
  • Available to Homeowners and Renters
  • 10 year commitment, no exit fee
  • Fixed monthly price based on current annual usage
  • One-time processing fee of $100 that can be broken up into four equal installments
  • Your bill may go down, depending on your level of usage and current pricing plan
  • Powered by a new, local, TEP-owned 12.5 MW solar array

TEP GoSolar Shares

  • Purchase some or all of your power from local TEP solar arrays on a flexible, month-to-month basis. Buy solar power in “shares” of 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month for about 1 cent per kWh.
  • Available to Homeowners, Renters and Businesses
  • Month-to-month commitment, cancel anytime
  • Each share adds about $1.50 to your monthly electric bill
  • Lock in your power supply costs for 20 years and avoid paying some surcharges
  • No up-front or maintenance costs
  • Powered by TEP’s community-scale solar arrays