IRP Advisory Council

The TEP/UNSE Resource Planning Advisory Council (RPAC) was formed in the third quarter of 2022 with a diverse set of stakeholders across customer classes, advocacy groups, and industry. The RPAC was created to provide transparency and knowledge in the development of both companies’ 2023 IRP. We welcome the participation of the RPAC in the process and throughout the cycle. Please contact us at

Follow Up on Our 2023 IRP

Follow-up and stay informed on the recently concluded 2023 IRP (Docket No. E-99999A-22-0046) on the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) webpage here.

If you would like to receive notice of each filing made in the docket and you are not one of the parties to the case, such as an applicant or an intervenor, you can. You would first need to create an account on the ACC efiling portal.

Details on how to follow a docket are provided here.

An efiling account also gives you the ability to, among other things, speak at an Open Meeting and submit a Public Comment on an ongoing case/docket.

IRP Meeting Dates and Materials

RPAC Virtual Session — Oct. 26, 2023

Public Workshop — Oct. 2, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — Sept. 29, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — Aug. 31, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — July 27, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — July 6, 2023

APS/TEP/UNSE Joint RPAC Modeling Committee Meeting — June 29, 2023

APS/TEP/UNSE Joint RPAC Modeling Committee Kickoff Meeting — June 13, 2023

RPAC Modeling Committee Kickoff Meeting — June 1, 2023

Joint APS, TEP, UNSE Markets Workshop — May 4, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — April 28, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — March 27, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — March 2, 2023

RPAC Hybrid Session — January 25, 2023

RPAC Virtual Session — January 12, 2023

RPAC Virtual Session — December 15, 2022

RPAC Session — October 27, 2022


Organization Representation
American Association of Retired Persons Consumer Advocate
Arizona Corporation Commission State Utility Regulator
Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association Renewable Energy Industry
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Large Commercial / Industrial Customers
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas Large Commercial / Industrial Customers
General Motors Electric Vehicle Industry
GLHN Small Commercial Customers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1116 Utility Industry
Pima County Large Commercial / Industrial Customers
Residential Utility Consumer Office Residential Customers
Sierra Club Environmental Advocate
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project Energy Efficiency or DSM Industry
Sun Corridor Public Interest Groups
Technicians for Sustainability Energy Storage Systems Industry
University of Arizona Member of the Public at Large
Western Resource Advocates Environmental Advocate
Wildfire Advocate for Limited-Income Customers