Navajo Nation 345 Kilovolt Transmission Line Right-of-Way Renewal

Tucson Electric Power plans to apply for renewal of right of way (ROW) easements granted by the Navajo Nation (the Nation) in 1973 and will conduct outreach to stakeholders over the next several months.

TEP has operated a 345 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission system on Nation lands for the past 48 years, providing electric service to the Tucson, Arizona metropolitan area and transmission services to electric service providers in New Mexico. In 1973, the Nation granted 102 miles of ROWs for the construction and operation of 345kV transmission lines and appurtenant wireless telecommunication sites in McKinley and San Juan counties, New Mexico.

The 330-foot wide land right crosses 4,072 acres of Nation trust and fee lands, and 11 allotments.  The land right contains two sets of 345kV structures, and two communication sites.  The land right was granted for 50 years and expires in 2023.

TEP is applying for a renewal of the land right with no change in use, location, or width. At the request of the Nation, TEP will pursue separate leases for the two communication sites in McKinley and San Juan counties, New Mexico.

Public Outreach

TEP plans to use newsletters, a project website and other methods to inform Nation members and other stakeholders about the renewal action.  TEP will inform allottees and other interested parties about its renewal efforts and the negotiation process.

Due to COVID-19 public health restrictions, presentation at public festivals, gatherings and meetings is not anticipated at this time. TEP expects to host virtual meetings with the Nation’s Resources and Development Committee and chapter houses to ensure stakeholders and allottees remain informed about the process. TEP invites public comments about the renewal using methods listed in this newsletter.

Allottees are invited to submit a comment form updating their personal contact information and request information regarding their specific allotment.


To reach a Navajo-speaking representative, please contact:
Lee Jack Sr.
(928) 814-6492

Tucson Electric Power: Navajo Nation Allotment Map

Navajo Nation Allotment Map

Allotments involved in TEP’s Right-of-Way Renewal application, as well as existing TEP 345 kV Transmission Lines, are listed on this map.


TEP will conduct outreach over the next several months to ensure that all allottees, stakeholders and interested parties are familiar with the project and the land right being renewed, and are informed of the negotiation process.

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