TEP Residential Solar Program


The TEP Residential Solar Program was designed to provide local homeowners a way to go solar with no installation or maintenance costs while enjoying stable, long-term energy prices.

TEP partnered with local solar companies to install a limited number of photovoltaic (PV) arrays at the homes of participating customers. TEP owns and operates the systems, using them to help provide participants with electric service for a set monthly fee that will remain fixed for up to 25 years.

This program is currently closed to new participants. Existing program participants will continue to receive all contracted services, and all agreements with TEP will be honored.


Program benefits

  • No up-front installation or long-term maintenance costs.
  • Participating customers’ electricity costs will be fixed for up to 25 years, offering future savings if TEP’s standard electric rates increase. The fixed rates remain subject to change by the ACC.
  • Because the fixed fee can be adjusted to reflect significant changes in energy use, participating customers have an opportunity to reduce their bills through energy efficiency efforts.
  • The program was made available to TEP customers regardless of their FICO credit scores.
  • TEP owns, operates and maintains the PV systems, relieving concerns about reliability or long-term ownership costs.
  • Because program participants make payments comparable to their current average bills, they do not increase costs for other TEP customers. By contrast, the bill savings enjoyed by users of private solar arrays are subsidized by higher rates for other customers.
  • TEP hired private companies to install and maintain the systems, supporting the local solar community and promoting job creation.
  • Because TEP owns and operates the solar power systems, they can be used to contribute to the reliability and stability of the local electric grid.
  • TEP’s ownership of the PV systems allows participants to avoid restrictive provisions of solar lease agreements when selling their home. The system and fixed electric rate can remain with the home, providing sellers with an attractive, marketable feature.


Program costs

Installation and maintenance

Other issues

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