Small Cell Frequently Asked Questions

“Small cell” installations include cellular network radio equipment and antennas that support 5G wireless networks, transmitting data at high speeds to and from wireless devices. This equipment is installed, owned and operated by wireless service and wireless infrastructure providers.

Telecommunications companies can install small cell equipment at many locations including freestanding poles, municipally owned streetlights, buildings, or poles owned by other entities, including power poles owned by TEP.

Providing Service at Small Cell Sites

  • TEP is obligated to provide service to small cell installations. Small cell installations require electric service to operate. Just like residential, commercial and industrial customers, TEP is required to provide service to wells, traffic signals, streetlights and small cell installations within its service territory upon request. This requirement adheres to federal rules and is described in TEP’s Rules and Regulations Section 1. The configuration of the service varies depending on the location, size and design of the small cell installation.
  • TEP must install a meter to record usage at small cell installations. TEP is required to meter all services. Click here for TEP’s metering requirements.
  • The location and design of TEP’s meter installation depends on the location and design of the small cell installation. Size of the installation, placement, available supporting infrastructure and zoning are considered in addition to safety and reliability.