Vintage Vibes Meets EV Chargers

Located just off Interstate 10 in Tucson, Hotel McCoy beckons travelers with its A-frame entrance, vibrant murals, and retro appeal. However, the hotel is also dedicated to 21st-century technology — including an electric vehicle (EV) charger from TEP.

“Electric vehicles are the future, and we aim to stay two steps ahead of the trend,” said Nicole Dahl, Executive Creative Director of Hotel McCoy.

Making a Difference

A rebate from TEP helped offset the cost of installing Hotel McCoy’s EV charger. In addition, Dahl said the planning and installing process went smoothly and that she is pleased with the end result.

Project cost savings
L2 charger
Cars can be supported weekly

Adding Up the Benefits

Hotel McCoy was restored in 2018 and designed to LEED standards. Originally built in 1970, it now exemplifies adaptive reuse architecture. The EV charger is just one example of how the hotel is living its values.

“We have always been committed to renewable energy and focused on the environment,” Dahl said. “With LED lights, low-flow water options, and everything eco-friendly, an EV charging station was a natural progression.”


In addition, the EV charger has had a positive impact for both Hotel McCoy guests and area residents who drive EVs.

“When traveling, you want to stay somewhere you can recharge rather than run all over a town you don't know to hunt down a charging station,” Dahl said. “Further, there aren't many EV charging stations in our part of town, and we wanted to be sure the community has an access point.”

The EV charger is allowing Hotel McCoy “to authentically claim ourselves as environmentally focused,” according to Dahl, and will benefit countless travelers down the road.

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