Smart Rewards Conservation Event in 3 Easy Steps

Thank you for participating in TEP's Smart Rewards Conservation program. This innovative initiative will help you earn rewards and keep electric costs lower for everyone.

Here's how it works: During an energy conservation event, your smart thermostat will adjust your home's temperature a few degrees higher than your usual setting. Occasionally, an hour or two before an event, your thermostat will adjust your temperature down a few degrees to pre-cool your home, keeping you more comfortable.

After the completion of the event, your thermostat will return to its usual setting.

Your thermostat provider will notify you of an upcoming event. If there is a pre-cooling event, we will adjust your thermostat down a few degrees degrees 1-2 hours beforehand.
When the event begins, your thermostat provider will adjust your thermostat up to reduce energy demand during peak hours.
Your thermostat will return to its previous setting. Thank you for your participation!

Why pre-cool?

Pre-cooling is used to help maintain customer comfort during the energy savings event period, and to help ensure that your air conditioner runs less frequently for greater impact. This pre-cool period cost is typically more than offset by the savings during the energy event.

Read our FAQs for more information.

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