Smart Rewards Program

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When summer temperatures climb, demand for electricity increases and can strain the grid. TEP’s Smart Rewards program helps reduce energy use during times of high energy demand. This reduces demand and the need for new power sources to meet energy needs. That’s good for the environment, and it helps keep energy costs low for everyone.

How do I enroll?

How Does TEP’s Smart Rewards Program Work?

Participants agree to brief adjustments to their thermostats during peak electric demand periods from June 1 through September 30, including weekends and holidays. Your thermostat provider will notify you of an upcoming event.
We may pre-cool your home during weekday events by lowering your thermostat by up to 3 degrees to increase your comfort during an event. This will happen before 3 p.m. For weekend events pre-cooling will occur immediately before the event start time.
When the event begins, your thermostat provider will adjust your thermostat up to 4 degrees or less to reduce energy demand during peak hours. Each event will typically last no more than three hours, and will occur between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.
You may opt out of the Smart Rewards events at any time from your mobile device, web browser or thermostat. For most devices, when you opt out of pre-cooling you are also opting out of the Smart Rewards event for that day.
Your thermostat will return to its previous setting.
When you enroll, you’ll receive a $50 Prepaid Mastercard once you have successfully enrolled in the program with up to two eligible thermostats per household. Plus, as long as you remain enrolled through the end of the season on September 30, you will receive an additional $40 Prepaid Mastercard per thermostat. That’s a total of up to $90 when you purchase and enroll a thermostat and up to $180 for two thermostats. You must remain enrolled in the program, and your device(s) connected to Wi-Fi to receive the enrollment and annual incentives.

Smart Rewards Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to enroll, you must:

  • Be a TEP residential electric customer with the electric service in your name.
  • Use an installed qualifying internet-connected Smart Thermostat for cooling with a central air conditioner or heat pump.
  • Allow your thermostat provider to make brief, small thermostat adjustments on days of high energy demand.

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact us at